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Day Called X, A (Part II)

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Day Called X, A (Part II)

Published ca. 1958

Dramatized atomic evacuation of Portland, Oregon.

Run time 15:25
Producer CBS Television Network
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Documents the well-oiled atomic evacuation plan of Portland, Oregon, in the heyday of nuclear preparedness. Nothing to fear here!

00:28:69 AS (aerial shot) of radio tower with Ôspace noiseÕ soundtrack
00:32:82 XLS from interior of tower to cars coming down a road
00:41:02 LS man getting out of 1950s car goes into military bunker/building
00:52:20 MS surveillance monitor of two men walking briskly
00:56:11 LS two men hurriedly walking into large office
01:02:40 MS two men walking one after another through ÔpoliceÕ office look seriously into camera
01:17:50 CU man talking to home TV audience about the occurrence of an ÔH-bomb attackÕ then title ÔAn attack is not taking placeÕ appears on screen
01:50:76 MS narrator (Glenn Ford) TO CU
02:22:15 XLS pan of Portland, Oregon landscape
02:45:85 AS aerial view of Portland
02:57:00 LS of boy on bike silhouetted against Portland landscape
03:04:67 MS smiling boy riding bike (not shown) with newspaper in hand
03:12:50 LS paperboy on bike with nice shot of his shadow
03:15:43 LS paperboy on bike throws newspaper to house
03: 18 :07 MS newspaper headline: ÒWorld is Shaken by CrisisÓ
03:20:38 LS woman picking up paper from doorstep
03:27:04 MS woman saying: ÓJohn you better get up, youÕll be late for schoolÓ -- non-synch sound
03:33:31 CU coffee pot on stove
03:35:80 MS woman reading ÒThe OregonianÓ newspaper with ÒWorld is Shaken By CrisisÓ headline
03:38:38 MS three children having breakfast, woman(out of frame) reading newspaper
03:44:44 CU radio
03:47:98 CU manÕs face, heÕs saying: Ò...8:27, wake up Portland itÕs a wonderful day todayÓ
03:51:93 MS radio announcer at microphone, ÔKOINÕ on mic
04:09:84 CU doctor in mask
04:11:44 MS woman with child and three people in masks around her
04:15:75 XLS church congregation
04:21:80 MS church goers singing
04:32:05 MS two men guiding crane bucket of scrap iron
04:35:80 MS man in hard hat directing with hands
04:38:80 LS crane with bucket loaded onto ship
04:44:82 MSLS firemen cleaning trucks TO same shot further back inside fire station
04:55:89 CU childÕs painting, pull away to LS of classroom, children playing duck, duck, goose
05:11:33 MS beautiful panning shot of children sitting on floor
05:22:89 CU 1950Õs man speaking into microphone
05:28:40 LS three men sitting at state house, microphone
05:36:80 MLS two men behind communications board of police station TO CU of man saying: Ò126 Schenectady, cat in a treeÓ TO VS of men and reactions to radio announcement of an Òsir raid...enemy over the AleutiansÓ
06:07:67 CU gavel hitting block
07:08:18 MS Mayor Terry D. Schrunk
07:24:22 LS City Hall people getting up to leave
07:28:15 CU hand pressing ÔevacuationÕ button on Ôcivil defenseÕ alarm system
07:31:78 CU zoom in on siren speaker revolving atop tower
07:38:90 CU man in hard hat smoking cigarette, looks up suddenly (nice shot)
07:44:50 CU alarm bell
07:46:50 MS firemen sliding down pole (great shot)
07:53:31 XLS fire station, men running to trucks, exit station
08:07:73 LS policeman coming down spiral staircase TO LS inside station at bottom of the stairs
08:19:56 LS outside police station, police car coming out of garage
08:27:65 CU man on ground TOLS man (mechanic) under car
08:37:09 CU double speaker alarm
08:40:02 CU man reaction turns head TO LS electricity control room, man on phone TO XLS of control room with voice over: ÒThese men are expendableÓ
08:50:10 XLS large office, people clearing out
08:54:33 MS office people exiting
09:05:49 CU two children and teacher (four separate shots) looking nervously
09:14:65 MS children at table with toys (Mickey Mouse), children get up and leave, Mickey falls after standing on its own for a moment--nice
09:17:96 LS classroom evacuated
09:22:29 CU Mickey Mouse on the floor
09:46:85 CU woman, childÕs portrait picture in background
09:50:85 MLS coffee shop counter, people orderly exit
10:06:29 LS people exiting shopping center
10:10:71 MS woman at bank counter with woman teller TO people exiting bank
10:19:35 LS two men closing bank safe, lock says on it: ÔThe Mosler Safe Co., Hamilton, OhioÕ
10:26:87 LS outside hospital, evacuating patients TO MS of same TO MCU of same
10:46:31 MS students leaving school TO LS of same
10:55:93 LS bicycles and children TO ground level shot of same--nice
11:07:38 LS two men high up working amongst telephone/electrical wires
11:12:09 LS road crew
11:18:20 MS longshoreman turning large wheel valve--nice TO CU of the same
11:24:47 MS man in hard hat looking up at electrical transformer
11:26:16 LS pan down building to street, people crossing at walk
11:32:89 MCU people exiting building, men in hard hats
11:35:75 LS above people crossing street
11:38:91 XLS parking lot with 1950Õs cars TO CU cars
11:44:82 CU foot traffic--very nice
11:49:27 MS street with arrows
11:54:85 LS suburban house, woman and three children leaving with packages TO nice shot MS of family getting into car
12:08:18 MS two women on stretcher with CU people passing by TO LS flatbed truck pulling up
12:17:24 MS woman on stretcher being loaded into flatbed TO two shots of hospital evacuations
12:40:82 LS TO MS of two motorcycle cops and cop car driving down rural road
12:51:10 LS of two motorcycle cops and cop car driving into radar bunker (from begining of film)
13:05:98 MS surveillance camera with voice over: ÒGovernment must survive if people are to surviveÓ
13:08:58 LS two men walk briskly around corner TO MS of surveillance monitor
13:15:10 LS above bunker operations with voice over: ÒCivil defense is government operating in an emergencyÓ
13:20:53 MS man greets ÒMister MayorÓ, continues: Òthe situation looks pretty bad right now, we donÕt know exactly whatÕs happening nowÓ TO Òplanes over Alaska and CanadaÓ; MS above men in bunker room
13:29:00 CU bald man with glasses and woman with voice over: ÒLadies and Gentlemen ...youÕve heard...Ó
13:33:44 CU three men looking at camera with voice over Ò...the reports that `enemy planes are appproachingÓ
13:35:51 CU mayor of Portland announcing: ÒIn less than three hours an H-bomb might fall over PortlandÓ with the title over: ÒAn Attack Is Not Taking PlaceÓ
13:40:35 MS mayor at microphone and ÒMister Jack LowellÓ
14:42:50 MLS above man writing on wall chair, man looks on, woman secretaries bring reports
14:51:71 LS man charting wall
14:55:90 LS man at microphone and man in radio booth signals to go on air
14:58:09 CU two military clocks on wall with signs and lights indicating ÔEvacuation in ProgressÕ (9:10) and ÔTake CoverÕ (5:10)
15:02:00 CU man radio announcer gives emergency
15:20:64 CU 1950s car radio and hand
15:23:80 CU man in car with furrowed brow driving
15:32:71 MS view from over the shoulder of driver
15:40:20 MS trafffic light with voice over: Òfollow the green lightÓ
15:42:36 MS view from car with voice over: ÒJohn Carpenter, a sports caster becomes the warning voice...Ó
15:53:00 LS downtown Portland with voice over ÒIn 1955 Portland held a practice mass evacuationÓ
16:00:67 CU woman and three children in car driving
16:13:87 LS bridge leaving city with traffic TO nice shot from bridge TO VS traffic
16:29:89 LS of traffic and police helicopter approaching
16:35:25 LS police copter approaching
16:40:15 AS aerial shot above highway
16:52:69 MS policeman talking to dispatcher from helicopter
17:07:45 LS of table of cops at police station
17:27:80 CU traffic cop directing traffic
17:37:22 MS cop directing traffic
17:39:47 CU car license plate reads: Ô57 WashingtonÕ TO LS cop diverting traffic,
stopped car is an Edsel
17:47:80 VS of evacuation route for trucks and servicemen and equipment
18:24:35 CU man in white military style hat speaking into mic TO VS men preparing for blast
18:52:31 CU ÔRed Cross Mass Feeding UnitÕ truck TO VS unloading truck
19:03:80 CU woman--Red Cross worker
19:09:25 VS maps with military markings
19:41:89 CU old man smoking cigar
19:54:62 MS man at map with slide rule graphing, turns around
20:08:42 CU man says; ÒLetÕs face it gentlemen if we have a blast on Portland it will be hours...Ó TO VS of men giving reports from fire, police, city engineer, et cetera
22:03:55 same, with voice over about Portland passing a $1 Million tax initiative in 1952
22:56:13 CU man with shades gives report of school children evacuation
23:09:76 LS two men tracking wall map from ladder
23:30:50 LS two men in radio room woman brings a messge
23:46:90 MS pan of woman phone operators
24:00:22 LS pan of microfilm room TO two shots MS and CU of woman at microfilm reader
24:17:13 MS woman at mail sorting machine
24:25:30 MLS soup kitchen (two shots)
24:38:09 CU woman drinking coffee and smoking cigarette
24:50:80 LS man alone in room full of cots
25:05:04 CU mannequin head--nice TO VS empty store fronts
25:15:53 LS mainstreet Portland, two motorcycle cops ride down street
25:48:64 CU sign: ÔTake CoverÕ and flashing light bulb
25:50:16 CU military clocks and ÔTake CoverÕ and ÔEvacuation in ProgressÕ
26:08:70 CU many reaction shots of people in police uniforms, secretaries , operators, et cetera with voice over narration of Glenn Ford



Reviewer: ERD. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 18, 2008
Subject: DAY CALLED X powerful for its day
Made in 1958 by CBS, this Civil Defense film made in Portland, Oregon was hosted by actor Glenn Ford. Somewhat naive when compared to today, it must have been effective for the viewers of that generation. Historically, it is very interesting.
Reviewer: Logoliker2004 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 12, 2005
Subject: Very unnerving... continued!
Since this is a two-part film, I'll rewrite parts of my review on part one.

Gee, if I was a kid in the 1957-1958 period (that's the estimated time this TV special was originally presented), I wouldn't like this happening in my area, and I'd be freaked out by it! I bet I'd have nightmares about my city being bombed during World War Three! The main part of this film is a HUGE air-raid siren BLARING LOUDLY throughout town. Also I find the "An Attack Is Not Taking Place" disclaimer a bit humorous.

Also, I happen to know that H-bombs (hydrogen bombs) are more powerful than A-bombs. I bet with a huge flash and KABOOM! they can take down a whole city. The idea does give me chills, but I am glad the only bombs that were "dropped" here in America were only when we were testing the bombs in deserts and such.

The ending has me a bit creeped out. Suspense music plays as everyone looks worried, but we cut to the announcer saying he leaves US to imagine what happened after that. I think maybe the enemy fighters chickened out and flew away without dropping those death bombs.

And another thing, it may be interesting to know the wailing alarm used in this program is one of those Chrysler air raid sirens, probably the most powerful and loudest, ear-shattering air raid sirens EVER! This is all according to research of this webpage I found.

I think I should email the owner of the site and tell him about this film, especially since you see it rotating throughout the end credits.
Reviewer: Robin Banks - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 16, 2004
Subject: Hey, a '58 Edsel!
The best part of this entire film is in the second half when a beautiful new 1958 Edsel is stopped by the traffic cop. (Apparently sold by Titus Edsel, Tacoma)

Since the Edsel in this segment is a '58, this means this film can't be any earlier than Sept 1957, since that's when the first ones came out. (As you can tell by my breathless excitement, I own a 1958 Edsel. )

Gee... sure wish Mr. Prelinger could find some Edsel promo for the site. This'll have to do for now. :-)

5 stars just for having the slightest glimpse of an 1958 Edsel.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 15, 2003
Subject: Oh Glenn!
Glenn Ford narrates this excellently paced film about the possible nuke-u-lar attack on Portland Oregon. Well thought out pace and narration add to the mounting tension to this film to great effect. The film stars the 'people of Portland' who are all coming from the 'One Note School Of Acting' where they are taught to act in one expression only, and that's boredom. Why are people so glum? Even before the attack. the people look bored out of their mind! (insert Portland Joke here). By the way, there's a huge cheat that happens in the film....
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